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6/10/2011 - Wilson Diamonds Parking Lot Concert!

Save the date: July 16th 7:30pm. The Tengelsens will be playing with Amy Whitcomb (opener at this year's Stadium of Fire) in the Wilson Diamond's parking lot. This will be a full length, outdoor, super fun show. Jacob is back in town and ready to show off some new licks. Click HERE for directions.



Go get it on cdbaby, itunes, or amazon! Write us review! Gift it to your friends! There are only two songs so it's practically free! Another day or two and it will be up on itunes/napster/etc.


3/19/2011 - Upcoming - Songs about War!cd cover

The Tengelsens are happy to announce the release of a new EP, Songs about War. It features two of our new favorites,the fast-moving "Heart Grow Cold" and the pensive "Let Love Die." Special thanks for Shaun Ivie for the fine cover art. Special thanks to Dan for doing the recording and engineering. The EP is intended primarily for our digital followers and will be available on itunes in the coming weeks. Check back soon for more info on the new release!


1/14/2011 - Where you been?

Ben came up with this little ditty while living in Australia. A girl walked by with leather boots, and the rest of the story was fabricated from there. We hope you enjoy this new living room arrangement, soon to be replaced by an actual studio recording. You can also watch a new youtube of the same song on the Photo Gallery page (newly refurbished). Also take a minute to check out the newly redone Music page (still a bit of work to do). You'll find it's much more comprehensive and navigable than before.